Business Opportunity That Only Comes Around Once In A Lifetime: Fireman's Brew


Fireman’s Beer Brand for Sale:


Dear Prospective Purchaser: ABC Services Group, Inc., as Assignee of Fireman’s Brew, Inc., (“ABC”) is soliciting competing offers to sell all Intellectual Property (“IP”) of the Fireman’s Brew, Inc., (“Fireman’s Brew”) which was engaged in the manufacture and sale of premium craft beer and coffee. For more information on Fireman’s Brew, please visit their website at

We are pleased to provide you with a general overview of the bidding process established for the sale of the Intellectual Property assets of Fireman’s Brew. If you require additional information, please contact the undersigned at (949) 922-1211 or you can visit our website : .

This sale is being conducted by ABC Services Group, Inc., Assignee of Fireman’s Brew. The assets being sold are all of Fireman’s Brew Intellectual Property (“IP”) that is more fully described in the ShareFile that you can access below. The assets include all Trademarks, Domain Names, URL address, website, Recipes, Trade Secretes and Copyrights hereinafter referred to as (“Assets”).

The assets are being offered for sale in “Bulk” and are being sold “as-is” “where-is”, without recourse, representation or warranty, whether expressed or implied. All sales are final. The assets will be sold in accord with the Bid Procedures and Agreement located in the ShareFile. All Bid are due no later than the close of business on October 15, 2019. (PDT).

To learn more, we invite you to look into the ShareFile by clicking the link below.

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Charles Klaus


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